A few words about us

The danforsia crew

Welcome to Danforsia!

This is our little place in Paradise where we hang out with all the birds, bees, boys, goats and sheep! Our family moved here a few years ago and quickly began living the life we had dreamed of. We wanted to get some goats and knew that Mini-Nubians were a good fit for us! Why? They are mini, have high milk production for their size, they are beautiful and would give our boys the opportunity to have some real life, hands on experience with animals.

We want to produce goats with great personalities, great udders, ears, conformation and those unique roman noses. We have enough breeding stock to keep our offspring varied and be able to breed purebred mini’s.

My husband was the driving force behind acquiring our Babydoll Sheep. We are new to sheep, but so far have thoroughly enjoyed them. They are so sweet and gentle and calming to be around. My sons love to go and just sit with them. Babydolls are definitely a unique type of sheep. We started our herd with some sheep from a friend in Idaho and then purchased some more from DreamWeavers in Colorado. We currently have two rams to add in diversity.

Along with our sheep and goats we love our chickens (Americauna, Wellsummer, Super Blue Egg Layers and many others) and our honeybees. One of the most satisfying aspects of living here is being able to grow a big garden, pull our own honey, eggs and milk. It really is paradise!